Independence Hall Proposal

On January 4th 2017 I received a phone call from Cory asking if I was available to capture one of the most important moments of his life. Exactly two months later Cory pulled off one of thee most classy proposals to date. 

Friday before the proposal, Cory and I met for lunch at Village Whiskey with a few of his friends to discuss details for the next day. It was by far a great time having conversations about how we met our significant others, to working as consultants, and different locations we had in common for vacations. But let's get back to the logistics. Independence Hall, remain stealth so Nora has no clue what's taking place, capture the proposal and capture the gathering afterwards.


Nailed it!
Nora was perfectly surprised, both by the proposal and gathering of family and friends at City Tap House in Logan Square. The day was complete and immediately I looked forward to working with Cory and Nora again for their engagement session.

I must be honest, I began writing this blog Tuesday March 7th but couldn't complete it. I wanted everything to flow naturally and not rush writing about my interaction with them, and I'm glad I was patient. Today at 12:41pm I received an email stating "Your photos are featured on" I had no clue what photos were featured because I've been submitting to publications for different genres of photography. Once I clicked the link I instantly smiled, not because the work was featured but to know my work was truly appreciated and valued to be submitted. 

Surprised just as Nora was in the picture showcased to the right, I'm truly thankful to have experienced this day. Annie Leibovitz once said "When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I'd like to know them." March 3rd and 4th I had the ability to greet and network with Cory and I'm sure in the near future I'll get to know Nora more as well. Capturing moments for many is one of the most spectacular qualities one can have in this lifetime. While thoroughly enjoying it, I hold this responsibility with high regard and appreciate those who choose to procure my talents.

Thank you both Cory and Nora for the feature! I can't wait to capture the two of you soon!