The success

Bruce, Stef, Jerome, Luis and any others that I may have missed, THANK YOU!

I thank you for the endless opportunities yesterday at #PhillyMeet17. This event was more than networking, more than the usual meet and greet, and more than what I anticipated. To be honest I didn't know what to expect before arriving, but I got everything I needed and more. 

Great conversations can take place almost anywhere in this world, but to have many of them take place at a photography event is even better. All conversations weren't photo based, but also about life and energy. In this era of our nation those words mean more to me lately and it was refreshing to enjoy those words to their entirety.

Meeting at Wework 1601 Market, we then gathered outside to begin our journey to Reading Terminal where the friendly competition began. Photojournalism, portraits, singing and dancing, it all took place. I personally didn't take as many photos as I may have liked because I ran into a new friend of mine Drake Murray @drakemurray. Drake introduced me to photographers Brandon Wyche @wyche_studios and Tuhreesah Lay @Tuhressah.lay. I mentioned this introduction because I've not only heard their names but recognize their work and would eventually reach out to them. When exactly, I'm not sure but #Phillymeet17 made it happen sooner rather than later.

Our next destination was Chinatown. Meanwhile a photographer with short hair is playing "Cascada - Every time we touch" on her iLive speaker and I caught myself singing out loud lol. Then walks by Obiageliaku Anusionwu @iamobiageliaku , stylish as ever and owning the moment. Photo Op time indeed. Pulled out the Sigma 85 1.4 and went to work instantly....

 Obiageliaku Anusionwu Chinatown Philadelphia  

Obiageliaku Anusionwu
Chinatown Philadelphia

Nailed it. The walk continues towards Race Street Pier while Andrea @heyaungegirl and I begin to converse. We as many others who attended the event and met for the first time began to find things in common such as career paths and aspirations. It was definitely motivational for me because her and I discussed no longer working the corporate lifestyle and moving forward with photography. It affirmed I'm on the right path currently.

Race Street Pier - Group Photo - 2nd Story Brewing Company 
Nothing but good vibes and positive energy from 1pm until 7:38. Did the night stop there?? Of course not, because I went home to not only edit but speak with my PhillyCrew group chat! Then life comes full circle as I'm seeing pictures posted within the group and realizing I had full blown conversations with Jamie @JamieKassa. Not only did I take a picture of her but she was playing my song earlier on her iLive speaker lol. Putting faces to names solidified the beginning of many friendships and I'm truly grateful.

Thank you #PhillyMeet17

 Jamie Kassa #PhillyMeet17

Jamie Kassa