New Portraits Are In!

Yes, new portraits are in and finally they weren’t self portraits lol. On the afternoon of Friday March 29th, myself and photographer Gerald Rooney were finally able to create art. I met Gerry months back at B&H ( of course ) and he asked me if I wanted to shoot. Now normally as a photographer I’d assume I’d be meeting up with him and bringing my camera with me. But this time around that wasn’t the case. Now it was winter when we initially met, so schedules we’re hectic and weather didn’t comply but the shoot was never off. We conversed time and time again about collaborating and building a vision in which both of us would be excited about and finally it happened.

Image Title, 2017

The biggest take away,…the photoshoot was fun and different. I was relaxed, energetic, and open to what Gerry had in mind. I know first hand how difficult it can be for a photographer to guide their subject in order to get the perfect shot. Not much communication took place because it simply flowed! Gerry would gesture something and say “could you just..” and without finishing his sentence I knew what he meant. I’d say that’s great communication, but it’s more than that, it’s chemistry. Years of working with models I’ve always gathered ideas of how I would do things if I was in front of the lens rather than behind it.

So yeah, I did a shoot, cool …what’s next? Something has to be next. I usually don’t post much and showcase work I’ve done, so that has to change. I have to show people and make this visible. I owe it to myself, I’m proud of myself. Many shots we took were by far pictures I wouldn’t take of myself. I don’t even smile in pictures much but there are tons of takes with me smiling. (Still won’t post all of them though lol )

John Dunn